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Nom:user agent switcher 0.7.3
Format:Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation:Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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À propos de cette extension Easily pose as another browser by changing the User-Agent header. Some web pages determine whether you're using a mobile or desktop browser based on your user-agent.

Some web pages require you to use a specific browser to access their site. And potentially more… Note that your browser will not magically morph into a different piece of software just because it's pretending to be some other software. If a web site locks you out because your browser does not support a feature they require then changing the User-Agent will not make any difference.

To do so, simply visit our project on the WebLate hosted instance , create an account and either select an existing language or add a new one to get going.

Thanks for helping out! Please use the GitLab issue tracker to submit these instead of just mentioning them as part of your reviews. This way it becomes much easier for me to keep track of reported issues and get back to you if additional information is needed to help you. I'm still open for patches from the community however and would also welcome your support through the linked BountySource buttons under each Feature Request issue in the tracker.

Enter navigator. Why is the extension file so large 4 MiB compared to others? This allows us to derive all relevant JavaScript navigator. Other extensions with a similarly complete level of emulation used to store all these values in huge tables along with the User-Agent value itself, making it very hard to add new entries.

Doing this kind of emulation without using BrowsCap would be extremely hard for us, as there are only few rules regarding the structure of User-Agent strings and the most interesting part end up in the extremely browser-specific comment section of the string.

And yes, the BrowsCap data is here to stay and if you cannot cope with the extra size this causes please kindly download a different extension and don't down-vote. Other people appreciate this decision even if you don't. Évaluez votre expérience.


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